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  • Green Art from Upcycling

    Both the environment and us humans will benefit from it. Well, suffice to say, upcyling benefits the environment it benefits us as well. But even with aspects of finance, say your family’s budget, you’ll be saving a considerable amount with your expenses if you’ll adapt the habit of upcyling.
  • Eco-Activist: Expressing Environmental Sentiments Through Artworks

    The likes of Claudio Garzon, along with other eco activist artists who are choosing to use their ‘gifts’ not just to inspire people but to educate them as well and raise ocean awareness can be considered as the ‘ocean defenders’ of our time.
  • Get Creatively Green

    So, get creatively green and save our planet. Look around you and see the arts hiding beneath that unsightly pile of trash. Express yourself through your artworks and continuously bring environmental awareness to the public. Make art. Make a statement.

Welcome to a Simply Sustainable Eco-Marketplace


By providing eco-friendly goods that are sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly we start the domino effect going in the correct direction toward a conscious consumerism. By making sure that products are created by artisan groups that are protected by Fair Trade laws and organizations we know we are helping to end struggles with poverty and hardships with working and living conditions in developed and non-developed countries.

We want to make an impact on peoples lives & provide consumers with products that they can feel good about buying. We hope to educate people by providing stories about the artisans on our Eco-blog. The good that comes out of these projects can educate and have an impact on the planet.

     We believe that exposure to global artisans’ products connects us with different cultures through their artworks and practices while also bringing awareness about global poverty. What can get better than supporting cultural identity and enjoying unique, beautiful hand-made products. 

We believe in the power of a green community to share information about conserving energy, reducing waste, re-using and re-cycling. We believe in helping others by bringing awareness and guidance toward a more holistic life-style. We know our customers value the choices for a greener life-style. 
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