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Eco-Activist: Expressing Environmental Sentiments Through Artworks

You probably have heard the saying, “Art changes people and people change the world,” so what can get better than mixing art and environmental activism at the same time?  There is no doubt that communication through arts leave a more lasting impression among people and therefore more likely to inspire or affect changes that could benefit our blue planet.

These messages of environmental awareness can be conveyed through artworks as the very subject of the art piece, say paintings or sculptures for example. The message can be directly communicated and the purpose expressly known.  Making use of recyclable materials, better yet, of trash and pushing one’s creative potential to create artworks undeniably maximize the impact of such activism.  The use of natural materials, like bamboo, leaves, shells, flowers, and others can be likewise interpreted as promoting nature conservation and preservation as well.

Planet on Peril

We can no longer deny that trash pollution is continuously endangering our planet.  We really have to start doing our part in making changes in order to save our environment for more generations to come.  We can all do our part in whatever way we can.

For artists like me, we have chosen to use the platform we’re most comfortable in.  We empower ourselves with our artistic nature and desire to come up with recyclable arts with a clear intention to bring awareness.  We hope that through our artworks, we can inspire other people to start living sustainably and become more aware of their respective ecological impact that is wearing down our planet.

It’s about time that we hold ourselves accountable for our own actions.  We have to accept the fact that we’ll ultimately pay for the consequences of our actions and non actions as well.

Artists on the Move

More and more artist are being inspired more than ever to showcase their talents and express their opinions and standing when it comes to environmental issues through interesting art pieces.

Claudio Garzon is just one of these artists.  He uses the plastic trash that he found during his routine walks along the beach or along the river to create artworks that not only promotes recycling but also create awareness on how plastics are destroying the ocean and endangering marine lives as well.

Photo from diarioadn.co

The likes of Claudio Garzon, along with other eco activist artists who are choosing to use their ‘gifts’ not just to inspire people but to educate them as well and raise ocean awareness can be considered as the ‘ocean defenders’ of our time.

The truth of the matter is that arts do affect people’s lives - so what artists like Claudio Garzon are doing is nothing short of amazing. They communicate their ocean sentiments through paintings, sculptures, murals, songs and plays that leave a long lasting impression to whoever manages to come across their artworks.

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