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Ocean Awareness Through Artworks

Claudio Garzon's turtle art
More and more artists are now using ocean art to inspire changes and raise awareness about the need to conserve and protect our natural world.  These artists are utilizing their talents to produce artworks - not only those that shows the beauty of the ocean or the gifts of life underneath it but especiallyartworks that communicate the predicament that our ocean is currently in - the problems about pollution and the incessant abuse of natural ocean resources.

Artists on the Move

The likes of Claudio Garzon, along with other artists who are choosing to use their talents to inspire people, to educate them and raise ocean awareness are the ‘ocean defenders’ of our time. It’s nothing short of admirable to have these artists affect a movement by making use of the fact that arts do affect people’s lives. They communicate their ocean sentiments through paintings, sculptures, murals, songs and or plays that leave a lasting impression to whoever manages to come across such artwork.

My Awesome Sea Turtle Defender Project

Sea Turtle Defenders may be the catalyst to further empower people worldwide to understand that we all need to take responsibility, each in our own way -- from governments to individuals -- to implement real solutions.

The Project for Awesome started back in 2007 when a bunch of video creators decided it would be good, for one day of the year, to take over YouTube in the interest of good.

Here's how they do it: - Video creators all over the world create videos promoting their favorite charities. - People donate items for Indiegogo campaign levels. - People also donate money.

The charities featured in the ten videos that the community collectively decides are the best of the year receive the proceeds of the Indiegogo campaign.  Our goal, of course, is to raise as much money as possible.

Artworks that Saves Environment

Although I didn't win, it was an amazing experience and I enjoyed working and connecting with Claudio Garzon who creates green arts.  He uses the plastic trash that he found during his routine walks along the beach or along the river to create artworks that not only promotes recycling but also create awareness on how plastics are destroying the ocean and endangering marine lives as well.

The truth of the matter is that arts do affect people’s lives - so what artists like Claudio Garzon are doing is nothing short of amazing. They communicate their ocean sentiments through paintings, sculptures, murals, songs and plays that leave a long lasting impression to whoever manages to come across their artworks.

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